The Winter 2013 Traders’ Summit

The Winter 2013 Traders’ Summit is fast approaching, so we hope you’re preparing! In case you haven’t heard of Apiary’s Traders’ Summit before, from February 25-27, we’ll be gathering together to discuss trading systems, risk management, trading psychology, as well as taking part in some great live trading sessions!

Our plan is to start on Monday, the 25th at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm. It will be a day full of introductions and non-stop forex trading instruction, with the exception of a break for lunch.

On Tuesday, we’ll be starting much earlier with live trading at 6:00am. It’s early, but we’d like to get a good time for volatility as the European and US markets overlap so that we can demonstrate a lot of live trades. We’ll have some expert traders at the front of the room explaining their methodologies for getting in and out of trades as they happen. After a good 2 hours of live trading demonstration, we’ll continue the day with instruction on developing your personal trading system and managing psychology. Because of the early start, we’ll wrap up at 2:00pm in the afternoon, leaving some time for nearby activities.

Finally, on Wednesday we’ll start again at 6:00am with another 2-hour live trading session with expert traders. After another information-filled day, we’ll exchange closing remarks and try to wrap up around 2:00pm.

If you want to know more, visit our summit website to see photos and read reviews from our Fall 2012 Traders’ Summit. If you haven’t reserved your seat yet, register today!

Did you go to the last Traders’ Summit? Let us know what you thought!


About Tom

Tom Lund is the Content Manager at Apiary Fund where he began his career in 2012. He creates and edits the educational material that Apiary Fund uses to train new foreign exchange traders. Lund researches and writes the investing news and tips for the Apiary Fund blog and website. He graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in English.

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