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Apiary Manhattan Beach Summit

On October 26th, 9:00 pm West Pacific Time, a crowd gathered on the Manhattan Beach pier.


A passerby stopped to see what the excitement was about, and imagine their surprise when they found Nate, Todd, and myself sitting comfortable on our UCLA camp chairs and using a Verizon hotspot to trade the Asian session, which was making its own waves—3 ticks up 2 ticks down.



It’s not that we expected to make much money during the doldrums of the Asian session, but we wanted the experience of trading on the beach!  And we had a blast!  We were 30 bees on a beach–with a whole lot of curious bystanders!  It wasn’t the fastest trading of the day, but it was profitable with some 54 pips of combined profit by sessions end.

That was just one highlight from the Manhattan Beach summit, some others were:

On Monday morning, Melinda predicted the close of the Wednesday 10:59am candle would be 1.1064  – The actual close:  1.1065.  She came within 1 pip of calling the actual close!  Impressive analysis, Melinda!

We split the summit attendees into 6 teams, and each team created their own trading strategy–presenting the strategy to a shark tank of Nate, Todd and Shawn. Our jobs were to choose a strategy, and trade it in a competition on Wednesday morning. The winning system: Bollinger bands made 2 winning trades for a total of 11 pips!

4 of the 6 trading of the participants’ strategies were profitable!

Todd pulled out 233 pips of profit in the Tuesday morning trading session.  He was kind of quiet most of the morning…  When confronted, he admitted he was trading.  We told him there was a program for that!

In the spirit of crowd intelligence, we set up an experiment and polled the room to see how the USD would respond to Wednesday’s Fed Announcement.  37 of the participants said the USD would strengthen, while only 12 said it would weaken. We shorted the EURO, and made some quick money on Wednesday!

But the best part was watching our outstanding Apiary traders develop confidence in their own trading strategies! We’d like to send a HUGE shout out to all the traders who attended the LA Summit; we learn just as much from spending time with you, and it was a real privilege to trade with everyone who attended.

Thanks again, and Happy Trading!


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Time is ticking and now is time we meet again in Apiary Summit. Many changes occurred after the last Summit on September 2013. Apiary Fund Investment recognizes by receiving “Emerging Elite Companies 2013” on October 22’nd, 2013. A hard achievement considers global economic crisis still not recover yet.

They’re always different event occur in every Apiary Summit. Why? On second and third day during the Summit, we will learn trading live from the market. Nobody can know how the market is going to react, it’s not an arranged event. Apiary’s traders will demonstrate their skill to overcome the forex market waves and show how they make their living from forex trading. All in live event, no prepared scenario except trading skill. From here the audience can see how professional traders react during loss, win, or caught in the trading positions. Forex trading is simple, overcome the emotion and psychology is the hardest part during trading.

Summit is a chance to exchange skill and meet face-to-face with others. Getting to know better each other. The internet is a great medium to ‘meet’, but still meet ‘on the ground’ is important to see and feel others personality. I know few people name from the webinar, but when I met these people personally, I just know how great they are. Personally I just attend the Summit one time, but during that event I learn more then what I learn on the webinar. I know my friends better than before and getting closer to them. My thanks to Shawn Lucas to hold this events so between associates can gain their goal faster with the right way. Apiary won’t grow if their associates are not growing; as simple as a bee hive grow.

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Announcing the Apiary Fund’s September 2013 Trader’s Summit

september2013We at the Apiary Fund have really enjoyed getting to meet and get to know our traders at our previous summits, and lots of those who have had the chance to attend have let us know how beneficial they felt the experience to be. That’s why we’re excited to announce the upcoming September 2013 Traders’ Summit!

To make it easier for more of our traders to attend, we’ll be starting the summit on Monday, September 2nd (which is Labor Day), so you shouldn’t have to take too much time off work!

Our three-day summits are really a worthwhile trip with live trading demonstrations and instruction, so we’d really encourage everyone to attend who can! To do so, we keep the cost at a fraction of most seminars. To learn more, feel free to visit the Apiary Summit website. There we have an approximate schedule, reviews of previous summits, and even a visitor guide to local attractions!

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-801-701-1650, or email us!

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The Winter 2013 Traders’ Summit

The Winter 2013 Traders’ Summit is fast approaching, so we hope you’re preparing! In case you haven’t heard of Apiary’s Traders’ Summit before, from February 25-27, we’ll be gathering together to discuss trading systems, risk management, trading psychology, as well as taking part in some great live trading sessions!

Our plan is to start on Monday, the 25th at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm. It will be a day full of introductions and non-stop forex trading instruction, with the exception of a break for lunch.

On Tuesday, we’ll be starting much earlier with live trading at 6:00am. It’s early, but we’d like to get a good time for volatility as the European and US markets overlap so that we can demonstrate a lot of live trades. We’ll have some expert traders at the front of the room explaining their methodologies for getting in and out of trades as they happen. After a good 2 hours of live trading demonstration, we’ll continue the day with instruction on developing your personal trading system and managing psychology. Because of the early start, we’ll wrap up at 2:00pm in the afternoon, leaving some time for nearby activities.

Finally, on Wednesday we’ll start again at 6:00am with another 2-hour live trading session with expert traders. After another information-filled day, we’ll exchange closing remarks and try to wrap up around 2:00pm.

If you want to know more, visit our summit website to see photos and read reviews from our Fall 2012 Traders’ Summit. If you haven’t reserved your seat yet, register today!

Did you go to the last Traders’ Summit? Let us know what you thought!


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