Over 1000 Recordings

Over 1000 recordings

The Apiary Fund recently reached a milestone of over 1000 discussion recordings. It’s pretty impressive when you consider that the company hasn’t even existed for 1000 days and each recording is about 1-2 hours of training content.

Discussions are live training webinars that Apiary members can attend from anywhere in the world. Participants can learn from an instructor and type their questions. Instructors will illustrate concepts through slides, drawings, and demonstrations by sharing their screen. Most presentations are recorded, so you can watch any that you missed. Plus, New Apiary members get access to ALL of the past recordings. Check out the calendar to see what we’ve done in the past, and what we’ve got coming up!

Live Trading Rooms

A lot of these are recordings of our trading room. Every week, we broadcast a Live Trading Room where professional traders enter and exit live trades in the market! Members see the winning days, the losing days, and everything in between. Usually, the main attraction is our head trader Shawn as he gets in and out of the market quickly with the goal of making $100 before the hour is over. Attending the trading room, you’ll see just how different each person’s system is. The other traders who demonstrate their skills are profitable on average, too, but using completely different strategies.

Training library screenshotBeyond Recordings

Webinar discussions are actually just one part of the Apiary Fund training. Going to the training section, you’ll find video clips, interactive modules, ebooks, quizzes, a wiki-style glossary, and plenty of reference materials for professional investor training. We’re consistently working to create new interactive training. This is all separate from the helpful community itself, too.

With so much, where do I start?

There’s a lot, but you don’t have to get overwhelmed. We’ve broken the training down into 12 smaller courses, designed to turn you into a market professional in 12 weeks. The courses have categorized, featured content with a quiz to gauge your progress. They’ll keep track of what you’ve viewed to advance you to the next subject as you go. If you haven’t checked out the Full Library of training yet, get going!

About Shawn Lucas

Shawn Lucas is the founder and fund manager at Apiary Fund. He began his career as a broker for Fidelity and Charles Schwab where he worked the trading desk and processed orders for high net worth investors. An expert in the field of technical and economic analysis of the financial markets, Lucas has since established his reputation as a thought leader and guest speaker for several financial companies including Reuters and TD Ameritrade. He has traveled extensively throughout the world providing lectures, training, consulting, and expert testimony to companies and individuals on the art and science of financial analysis. Lucas has authored sixteen books and studies on the use of technical and economic analysis in stock, option, and futures trading. His simple and methodical approach to the markets has helped thousands of investors better understand and improve their performance and profitability in the financial markets.

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