Orlando, Florida Summit Highlights

The Apiary Fund would like to thank everybody for making the Orlando, Florida Summit a success last week! As always, we really enjoy the opportunity we have to meet our traders in person and watch them develop throughout the week. Besides enjoying the sunny Florida weather, here are a couple of highlights from the week.

The Shark Tank


Our own little version of the popular TV show, Shark Tank, is quickly becoming one of our favorite events at the summit. First, we have all of the traders break off into groups of four. Then, they work together in their groups to form a trading strategy which they will use for the next couple of hours. Finally, the top four teams will then go on to present their trading plan to the ‘sharks:’ Shawn, Nate, Todd, and Jeff. Each shark will choose a strategy to trade over the next hour, revealing which shark, or trading strategy, will rise victorious. It was close, but Shawn squeaked by with a win by a couple pips.

The $1,000 Accounts

Traders knew heading into the summit that they would be given $1,000 (of real money) to trade with during week; we were pleased to see most traders turning out a profit. However, we were all in for a surprise when Shawn let them keep the account until the end of the month! Everybody seemed excited to be able to go home and continue strengthening the skills they learned the past week.


The Apiary Orlando, Florida Summit Traders

We really appreciate everybody who was able to make it to this summit. These events help teach us just as much as they teach you, and most of the time it’s because we are lucky to have such great traders. If you weren’t able to make it to the Orlando, Florida Summit, we hope that we’ll be able to meet, and trade, with you at the next one!

Happy Trading!

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