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     The Apiary Fund’s support team is busy answering phone calls and emails from our traders, right now, as this post is being written. They are constantly helping our traders receive answers to their questions, and helping them learn and develop their trading abilities. We love our Support Team, the work they do, and the help they provide each day. We also love hearing from our traders about their experience with our Support Team, and what we can do to improve. The following is an email we recently received from one of our traders named Jeff, and his experience with our Support Team:

“Apiary Support Team,

I know you guys could use some good news, some acknowledgement for the good work you are doing under extraordinary circumstances, helping us with ALVEO.

When ever I call in the team is great, I feel taken care of and more and more the feeling of family grows.

I can only imagine how challenging the past few months have been while ALVEO is being built, the one thing I know is that the team is doing their best and I feel it every time I call in.

You guys ROCK! I truly appreciate all your CAN-DO-ATTITUDE during this transition time…I am looking forward to being funded and to the good…great times ahead for all of us.

Keep up the good work….remember the more challenging the adventure…the better the Success Story…and I have some great stories….how about you?

Keep up the good work,

Jeff “

We thank Jeff, and all the other traders we hear from that enjoy the support we provide, and the ways we are helping them develop.

We love our traders and get excited when we see them succeed, move into funded accounts, and become excellent investors! The Apiary Fund is here for anyone wanting to get away from the typical, stuffy financial companies, and become part of a “family” growing together in the markets.

Thanks to Jeff, and everyone else here in the fund.

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