Merry Christmas from the Apiary Fund

It’s the sweetest time of year again! It’s been a pretty warm winter so far here at the office, and we were feeling a tiny bit nervous that it might not turn out to be such a white christmas. Of course, being in Utah, we shouldn’t have worried. The winter solstice yesterday brought us a nice big snow storm just in time for the holidays. But Christmas brings a lot more with it than just snow: family, friends, shopping, presents, laughs, amazing deals, food, and presents are all a big part of the season. Looking for a good gift to give? Honey has been used for gift giving since ancient Egypt (where honey was considered to be a gift from the gods). We love harvesting local honey from our hives here, and we can just pour it into a cute little jar to make the perfect gift. It’s not a bad idea considering it tastes so good, and still has tons of health benefits, but we don’t worry about being healthy until New Years anyways so… Merry Christmas!


About Shawn Lucas

Shawn Lucas is the founder and fund manager at Apiary Fund. He began his career as a broker for Fidelity and Charles Schwab where he worked the trading desk and processed orders for high net worth investors. An expert in the field of technical and economic analysis of the financial markets, Lucas has since established his reputation as a thought leader and guest speaker for several financial companies including Reuters and TD Ameritrade. He has traveled extensively throughout the world providing lectures, training, consulting, and expert testimony to companies and individuals on the art and science of financial analysis. Lucas has authored sixteen books and studies on the use of technical and economic analysis in stock, option, and futures trading. His simple and methodical approach to the markets has helped thousands of investors better understand and improve their performance and profitability in the financial markets.

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