Meet Our New Support Member


Hi! Meet our new Support Staff Member, Jacob! He’s excited to be here, and excited to get to share a little bit about himself with you…

“I am so happy to be working here at The Apiary Fund. This is a company with a mission that will improve the lives of everyone who joins. The people here are kind and considerate, and always looking to do what’s best for you… SO be sure to call the Support Hotline so we can help you out!”

My name is Jacob Johnson, and we can talk through the support line. I’ve been trading for some time now, though I began mainly in stocks. My dad is a Financial Advisor, managing millions of dollars, so growing up I always knew that investing would be a part of my life. I’ve always been good at math, and I’m quick to notice a trend and see what’s happening. Eventually, I want to be able to see what happens BEFORE it happens 😉 After not feeling fulfilled with an engineering degree, I decided to follow my heart and trade. With all the guidance and direction that Apiary has to offer, anyone can be a successful trader!

The FOREX market is the best market to trade in. The whole world is involved! I’ve worked with people from Sweden to South Africa, New York to LA, and everywhere in between.

I am here to help, so feel free to call the hotline!



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