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Announcing the Apiary Fund’s September 2013 Trader’s Summit

september2013We at the Apiary Fund have really enjoyed getting to meet and get to know our traders at our previous summits, and lots of those who have had the chance to attend have let us know how beneficial they felt the experience to be. That’s why we’re excited to announce the upcoming September 2013 Traders’ Summit!

To make it easier for more of our traders to attend, we’ll be starting the summit on Monday, September 2nd (which is Labor Day), so you shouldn’t have to take too much time off work!

Our three-day summits are really a worthwhile trip with live trading demonstrations and instruction, so we’d really encourage everyone to attend who can! To do so, we keep the cost at a fraction of most seminars. To learn more, feel free to visit the Apiary Summit website. There we have an approximate schedule, reviews of previous summits, and even a visitor guide to local attractions!

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-801-701-1650, or email us!

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Top 3 Features Apiary Offers for Free

We at the Apiary Fund are very proud of the great products we’ve created to help our traders succeed. So proud, in fact, that we have offer some of them to the public for free! In this blog post, we’ve listed our top three free features:

1. The Investor Profile
The Investor Profile is a personality assessment we launched last year to help traders recognize character traits in themselves that will affect how they trade. Because every trader is different, identifying and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is crucial to finding success in the markets. How can you play to your strengths if you don’t know them?

2. The Sessions Clock
The sessions clock is a tool the Apiary Fund developed to help traders keep time. Because the forex market is a 24-hour market, there is always at least one market open. Knowing when each market opens and closes will help you avoid any unexpected jumps in volatility. So, whether you’re on the road or just experimenting with trading at different times of the day, the sessions clock can help you keep things straight!

3. The Trader Development Preview
The Trader Development Program is Apiary’s training curriculum, developed to help our traders learn the ins and outs of the market in the most effective way. As a preview, The Apiary Fund offers the first course to the public for free! Just enter your name and email on the Apiary Fund’s homepage!

While we do offer some great features free of cost, we don’t just put our best stuff in the window. We have a wealth of knowledge and resources to help make Apiary Fund traders successful!

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The All-New Sessions Clock from the Apiary Fund

Sometimes its hard to keep track of which markets may be open when you jump online to trade.  Well, the Apiary Fund has a solution for you! It’s called the Sessions Clock, and if you like to trade at all hours of the day, then youll be fast friends.


Sessions clock

It’s a simple visual tool that lays the four markets around a 24-hour clock to help illustrate market opens, closes, and overlaps.









sessions clock liquidity

Below the Sessions Clock, just for quick reference, is a graphic illustrating average liquidity throughout the day.






We want all of our traders to be successful, and in order to do this we’re trying to give you some great tools to use! So if you’re traveling and want to trade on your laptop, don’t hesitate to check the Sessions Clock with your new timezone!

In case you missed the link above, the Sessions Clock can be found here.

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Apiary and its Time With the Times (New York Times)

I had a unique opportunity to spend some time with Loren Feldman, editor of the New York Times’ You’re the Boss small business blog and talk about issues related to starting and managing a growing business.

One of the guiding thoughts behind the You’re the Boss is that small business rarely gets any formalized training in starting or running the business. Nor do they have a lot of places to turn to compare notes, get advice, learn from one others’ mistakes, and keep up with the important changes coming out of politics and the economy.

The New York Times, who hosts the blog on its website, is uniquely positioned to draw on the many resources of its small business readership to collaborate ideas and share experiences in a sort of case study format. The blog focuses on companies like the Apiary Fund who can contribute to the dialogue and share their experience in tackling the unique challenges of bringing such a unique and new idea to market.

And, indeed, the Apiary Fund has a unique story. It is the story of growth, where, in an industry of deep roots, Apiary is a refreshing shot of new life and new thought.  Apiary is the story of change, where the elitism of the old trading room is tipping its hat to a new breed of traders who value abundance and community over the secrecy and individualism.  Apiary is the story of purpose, where the old model of success based on bottom-line is taking back seat to purpose, where success is the accomplishment of our stated purpose and the bottom-line is only realized when the purpose is met.

At this early stage, it’s uncertain whether the New York Times blogger will ever officially publish our story, but what is certain is that our story will be told.  We are gaining momentum as a concept.  We are gaining attention as a business. We are gaining friendship as a community of traders who support each other in the greatest endeavor of a lifetime – the art and skill of trading!

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Apiary Fund Launches Forex Trading Platform Globally

For the past two years, Apiary Fund has been successfully operating under the radar. During that time, we’ve worked out most of the bugs, ensured our training materials are effective in teaching potential traders, increased the number of full traders to more than 100, released an investor profile, built in transparency with our Apiary Promise, and will shortly launch our new Groups function.

Today the company launches the Apiary Capital Fund to the world! We’ve proven our trading concept works in helping people learn to trade and subsequently earn supplemental income with no investment risk. Now, anyone in the world can potentially become a trader.

The Apiary Fund specializes in developing investors. There is a huge difference between learning and doing. What the Apiary fund offers is a way for people to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life by letting them manage our money. The model is successful because trading activity is diversified among many traders, which helps to reduce risk.

People interested in participating with the Apiary Fund can register for an orientation and watch a video here.

Apiary Fund teaches participants how to trade in foreign currencies. The company charges tuition for its training and learning courses and an ongoing monthly access fee to Apiary’s technology platform and ongoing training. Associates practice with simulation accounts as part of their training. Apiary associates only need a computer and Internet connection to get started.

Apiary associates do not need to be experienced traders. Most of the successful traders have no previous experience and come from many backgrounds – retirees, single parents, students and people looking for supplementary income.

Once participants reach a level of proficiency, they can become traders using Apiary’s funds for real trades. There is no investment required and there is no investment risk.

In order to provide confidence and transparency in the fund, Apiary Fund recently released The Apiary Promise, and its Investor Profile, a personality assessment tool to help investors recognize characteristics that are beneficial or detrimental to their investment strategies.

When we think about where we have come over the past two years along with the hurdles we’ve overcome, we are very excited bringing the Apiary Fund to the world. We believe the future is bright for our company and we look forward to working with many people around the globe in helping them become successful traders and earning additional income.

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The Summit and Trading Groups

Well, the Traders’ Summit is over, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! We heard great stories, valuable instruction, and, when the American and European markets overlapped, we saw some expert traders in action!

We also saw the announcement of Apiary’s newest feature: Trading Groups.

If you’ve ever resolved to lose weight and get in shape, then you probably know how easy it is to lose that resolve. It’s not easy to get up at the crack of dawn and hit the gym before work every day—especially if you’re by yourself. But when you go with a friend, you’re more likely to keep with it. It’s this feeling of accountability that helps you stay motivated in the face of hard or inconvenient circumstance.

With Apiary’s new Trading Groups, you can now have that degree of accountability and structure within the hive! To find out more about Apiary’s Trading Groups, give us a call at 1-801-701-1650!

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The Apiary Promise Ensures Transparency and Confidence in the Apiary Fund

When it comes to finances and investing, one of the greatest fears people face is that of fraud or scams. We understand this. As result, in order to increase the transparency and confidence of our fund, we recently launched the Apiary Promise.

The Apiary Fund is an exciting and new way for people from all walks of life to learn how to become traders. We provide the training and education, and if associates are interested and reach a level of proficiency, they can become traders using our funds with no investment risk. We developed the promise to reassure and ensure people understand this is not a get-rich-quick program or scam, but a transparent, legitimate way to learn and begin trading.

Read The Apiary Promise in its entirety here:

You can read the promise on our website, but here are the key promises we make.

1. To outline every cost for training in advance. The only required cost to become a trader for the Apiary Fund is the tuition for our Trader Development Program and an ongoing monthly training and technology fee.

Our tuition cost covers the education materials and training to learn to become a trader. It should not be considered an investment into the fund. There is no investment in the fund required or accepted. There is also no promise associates will become full traders, though training will continue as long as wanted by the associate. The monthly technology fee is not an investment into the fund. It is a monthly cost associated with accessing our trading platform and on-going training.

Apiary Fund may offer additional products or services as a complement to its core program, but they are supplementary and not necessary for funding. For a complete list of Apiary Fund products, services and prices, you can follow this link:

2. To educate and train first. We believe the first step to becoming a successful investor is proper education and training. Since traders use the company’s money to trade, it is important to the performance of our fund that we provide top-quality investment education and training on how to use our resources, strategies and methods for successful trading. Please bear mind that takes time, dedication and a strong desire to become a successful trader. We provide the education, training, materials, system, and money to help you achieve that goal.

Apiary Fund is a trader development program that is designed to take inexperienced investors and turn them into professionals – much the same way a sports camp trains prospective athletes. We have an initial 3-month curriculum to learn our system, but training is ongoing and continues as long as you’re a part of our community.

3. To help associates become successful traders. We believe that practice makes perfect. During the 3-month Trader Development Program, associates receive an unfunded practice account to begin making trades in simulation mode. These are not real trades, but practice trades. Associates put their learning to use by doing everything they need to do to make a trade, but without actually trading.

 In order for an associate to graduate from the Trader Development Program and receive a funded trading account, they must meet four basic requirements. Associates must:

·       Have more winning trades than losing trades.
·       Have their average winning trades greater than their average losing trades.
·       Limit their loss on any trade to less than 2 percent of the account.
·       Be current on their monthly training and technology fee.

 We promise that we will provide funded trading accounts for 100 percent of the traders who meet these requirements. Furthermore, we promise that we will continue to work with an associate as long as it takes until they are funded.

 4.     To never require associates to pay money for trading. Once an associate reaches a level of successful trading we will open an account with Apiary’s money for them to begin trading live. There is never any investment money required to trade Apiary’s account. Apiary Fund Traders use Apiary’s money to place trades and receive a share of the profit made in that account. Apiary assumes all risk. There is no investment risk to the associate. Associates who have unsuccessful trades assume no risk and pay no money to compensate for their losses.

The account does have a high watermark, which means the associate must recoup any losses in their account before receiving a payout – a common industry trading practice. If associates begin to have a series or string of unsuccessful trades, they may be asked to halt trading for a period ranging from 24-hours to one week.

5. To ensure Apiary Fund is not a scam or investment scheme. The Apiary Fund was created through the private funds of its principals. We do not disclose the full amount of the fund, but it is a significant and legitimate fund used by many traders all around the world. Associates pay only for education and training. There is no personal investment risk to any associate who trades Apiary’s fund. The Apiary Fund is a private fund and does not solicit or accept any outside investment.

6. To never pretend to be a ‘get rich quick’ program. Many of our traders do very well trading in the Apiary Fund and enjoy the associated rewards and profits. However, we do not teach or suggest that anyone will get rich quick using our program. Successful trading is not learned overnight, but cultivated over time. Even our most veteran traders will tell you that they are still learning, refining their skills and adapting to the changes in the market. Apiary defines success as the ability to generate consistency in performance, to limit losses to reasonable levels and to manage the emotions of losing – and winning.

7. To make it clear what our refund policy is. Because of the proprietary nature of our training material, systems and processes, once an associate has purchased and accessed the information on our website, we are not able to provide a refund. We can guarantee, however, that we will continue to work with someone until they are funded and offer lifetime access to all of our training material. What this means is that the only way someone will fail with the Apiary Fund is if they give up on themselves.

8. To be realistic. With or without training or education, the fact remains that not everyone will be successful at the same time. Based on our own experience, here are the probabilities that an associate will receive a funded account with the Apiary Fund.
·       When a trader signs up, they have a 31.3 percent chance of being funded.
·       If they are in the program for 3-months they have a 42.7 percent chance of being funded.
·       If they are in the program for 6-months they have a 58.4 percent chance of being funded.
·       If they are in the program for 9-months they have a 62.4 percent chance of being funded.

We invite everyone to read our Promise and look into our program to see if participating in the Apiary Fund community is right them.

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Apiary Fund CEO Shawn Lucas Interviewed on Mountain Money

This past Monday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Doug Wells and Larry Warren from Mountain Money on KPCW in Park City. We had a great discussion on the Apiary Fund, the Investor Profile, and how to invest right for your personality type.  I’ve listed some of the discussion points that I thought might be of interest for Apiary Fund traders and potential traders to hear:

Do you run a training component with Apiary Fund?
Yes, you can kind of think of it like a sports development camp. You’ve got a lot of athletes that come in and they try to learn the game through different drills, talking with professional athletes, and getting a feel for how it works. That’s the same thing we do here: create an environment where people can come in, learn how to manage money at a professional level, interact with professional traders, go through trading classes and simulations, and learn how to manage money by experiencing it.

How does trading differ from long term investing?
The primary difference is how long you are holding your assets. We teach an active management process at Apiary Fund instead of long-term investments where you are looking for value investments. With the Apiary Fund, we are actively looking to move money around and catch short-term movements in the market.

How are you able to trust people to trade Apiary Fund’s capital?
We make sure that we provide sufficient training mechanisms so that people can come in and go through different classes. We work with them and they have the opportunity to participate in over 25 hours worth of classroom discussion and trainings with our professional traders. Then we are able to put them into a simulation environment where they learn and develop a track record. As they progress through that simulation we put them in front of real money and let them start to trade.

Where do people have to go to learn the trading techniques you teach?
Actually they don’t have to go anywhere, they log in from their homes. We have traders from all over the world, even Japan, China, and Malawi. They are able to log in to training webinars from the convenience of their own home.

How do you split the profits and losses with the traders?
Any profits that are generated through a trader’s activity, 60-80% of the profits go to that trader. On the risk side, there is no risk to the trader, we assume 100% of the risk.

How long do Apiary Fund traders spend trading each day?
Traders typically spend no more than a couple of hours per day. We focus a lot on people that want to learn to manage money in retirement and have the kind of time to learn foreign currency trading techniques.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety at:


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January Wrap-up — Investor Profile, Traders’ Summit

Well, this is been something of a power month for the Apiary Fund, and we couldn’t be more anxious for what’s coming up! As a part of our January wrap-up, let’s take a look at our biggest headline:

 The Investor Profile

An early release of the Apiary’s Investor Profile was actually announced in December, and it’s been a huge hit! This month we extended beyond Apiary associates and launched the Investor Profile to the public.

As our traders have taken the personality test, it’s been interesting to see the many different personalities that have all come together to form this great community. And it hasn’t just been beneficial for us! The Investor Profile has provided our community of traders an opportunity for serious introspection and trading system adjustment. The new Investor Profile can be found here.

As for what’s coming up, I hope you’ve marked the Winter 2013 Traders’ Summit in your calendars! The three-day event starts on February 25, and there will be plenty of Q&A, so come prepared with any questions or topics you want to discuss with Apiary’s instructors and risk managers! There will also be some live trading sessions and training activities! Visit the Traders’ Summit site to learn more and reserve your seat!

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Apiary Fund – Does your Personality Affect Personal Investing?

Yes! There are so many variables to investing; often it is difficult for the average investor to know where to begin. To make it easier for investors to understand their personal investing type, Apiary Fund launched its Investor Profile.

The Investor Profile helps traders identify their individual strengths and areas for improvement when investing or trading. The personality assessment helps investors recognize natural internal characteristics either helping or hindering financial success.

The Investor Profile started out as a project aimed to identify what makes an investor successful. We quickly realized that every investor is different and success comes when you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and then play to them.

Motivation, confidence, commitment, self-esteem, reasoning, and emotions are all contributors to the inner qualities influencing your ability to make investment decisions.

The Investor Profile determines the investor’s personality through 28 questions that have them select one of four words with which they most and least identify. Each investor receives a primary and secondary personality type that will help identify their overall profile.

It focuses on four personality types of traders:

  • Aggressive – Quick to enter a trade, but may exit quickly when a loss appears
  • Intuitive – Relies on emotional intuition to get in and out of trades
  • Analytical – Analyzes every possible variable before taking action
  • Methodical – Likely to trade on a system, not much regard to gains and losses

There is no such thing as a ‘bad profile’ for an investor. The Investor Profile simply identifies characteristics that people should know about themselves before they invest. After the assessment, the investor can see traits they may need to adjust and how they might respond to market changes.

After getting the results of the Investor Profile, participants have the option to obtain an eBook that goes into more depth about each of the 16 possible profile personality types. The additional information includes areas such as how you view yourself, basic desires and motivations, behavior under pressure and possible areas of improvement.

Author: Shawn Lucas |

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