Apiary and its Time With the Times (New York Times)

I had a unique opportunity to spend some time with Loren Feldman, editor of the New York Times’ You’re the Boss small business blog and talk about issues related to starting and managing a growing business.

One of the guiding thoughts behind the You’re the Boss is that small business rarely gets any formalized training in starting or running the business. Nor do they have a lot of places to turn to compare notes, get advice, learn from one others’ mistakes, and keep up with the important changes coming out of politics and the economy.

The New York Times, who hosts the blog on its website, is uniquely positioned to draw on the many resources of its small business readership to collaborate ideas and share experiences in a sort of case study format. The blog focuses on companies like the Apiary Fund who can contribute to the dialogue and share their experience in tackling the unique challenges of bringing such a unique and new idea to market.

And, indeed, the Apiary Fund has a unique story. It is the story of growth, where, in an industry of deep roots, Apiary is a refreshing shot of new life and new thought.  Apiary is the story of change, where the elitism of the old trading room is tipping its hat to a new breed of traders who value abundance and community over the secrecy and individualism.  Apiary is the story of purpose, where the old model of success based on bottom-line is taking back seat to purpose, where success is the accomplishment of our stated purpose and the bottom-line is only realized when the purpose is met.

At this early stage, it’s uncertain whether the New York Times blogger will ever officially publish our story, but what is certain is that our story will be told.  We are gaining momentum as a concept.  We are gaining attention as a business. We are gaining friendship as a community of traders who support each other in the greatest endeavor of a lifetime – the art and skill of trading!

About Shawn Lucas

Shawn Lucas is the founder and fund manager at Apiary Fund. He began his career as a broker for Fidelity and Charles Schwab where he worked the trading desk and processed orders for high net worth investors. An expert in the field of technical and economic analysis of the financial markets, Lucas has since established his reputation as a thought leader and guest speaker for several financial companies including Reuters and TD Ameritrade. He has traveled extensively throughout the world providing lectures, training, consulting, and expert testimony to companies and individuals on the art and science of financial analysis. Lucas has authored sixteen books and studies on the use of technical and economic analysis in stock, option, and futures trading. His simple and methodical approach to the markets has helped thousands of investors better understand and improve their performance and profitability in the financial markets.

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