Apiary Fund Receives 2013 Emerging Elite Award

The Apiary Fund received the 2013 Emerging Elite award from the Mountain West Capital Network this week at a meal and awards ceremony held at the five star Grand America hotel.

Receiving the Emerging Elite award throughout a recessionary market is not an easy achievement. Established in February 2011, the 2 ½ year old company received the award in 2013. It took hard work and a solid basic business concept. The Apiary Fund grows if their clients grow. Not only does the company sell a forex education program, but the Fund also trains its associates extensively to become qualified associates to trade the company’s money. Hence, those who learn Forex trading with the Apiary Fund, don’t need to risk their own hard-earned money in the market. Once they show consistent and positive results, they are qualified to be funded.

By learning how to trade, members of the Apiary Fund can rely on themselves to generate income. They can be their own boss, independent, controlling their own time.

In the Apiary Fund, associates learn multiple trading strategies, market analysis, indicators, trading psychology etc. The company provides education for people with different backgrounds. In fact, no previous market knowledge or experience is required. Our Trader Support team is ready to assist any questions, whether they be basic or advanced. This is possible because they are traders themselves, so they’re passing on their own experiences.

About Vilas Kusumahardja

Originally from Indonesia, Vilas began trading ten years ago to support his love of travel. He figured that, as long as he could find an internet connection, he would be able to support himself. In 2008, he came to the United States and a year later, re-learned everything he thought he knew about forex. Now, he places trades using support and resistance, utilizing signals from EA's. Vilas helps at the Apiary Fund as a trader support representative managing the Apiary Fund blog and answering questions in the forum.

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