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Merry Christmas from the Apiary Fund

It’s the sweetest time of year again! It’s been a pretty warm winter so far here at the office, and we were feeling a tiny bit nervous that it might not turn out to be such a white christmas. Of course, being in Utah, we shouldn’t have worried. The winter solstice yesterday brought us a nice big snow storm just in time for the holidays. But Christmas brings a lot more with it than just snow: family, friends, shopping, presents, laughs, amazing deals, food, and presents are all a big part of the season. Looking for a good gift to give? Honey has been used for gift giving since ancient Egypt (where honey was considered to be a gift from the gods). We love harvesting local honey from our hives here, and we can just pour it into a cute little jar to make the perfect gift. It’s not a bad idea considering it tastes so good, and still has tons of health benefits, but we don’t worry about being healthy until New Years anyways so… Merry Christmas!


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