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Latest Developments On New Platform

This is a semi-formal acknowledgement of Apiary’s potentially new trading and analysis software!

I hesitate to even raise the awareness of the new trading platform that Apiary has been working on because of the stirring of anxiety it spawns among the hive (hence the pensive and non-committal blog post header above!) But it’s true. There is a new trading and analytics platform being built at this very moment. Having spent years analyzing the stock market, I have learned some important lessons related to the announcement and corresponding release of new technology that I thought I ought to share with the hive to help us manage the expectations, release and implementation of Apiary’s new software platform.

1. It is a software program, but it has no name… and we need to give it a name before we release it. This is your call to get your creative juices flowing! We want a name that invokes awesomeness, so in the spirit of crowd-sourced intelligence that is one of our core philosophies at the Apiary Fund, we ask you, please share your ideas with us at the form below:

2. We have been working on the project for many months and we will continue to work on it with unyielding focus until it meets a set of pre-determined standards that our team has put in place. In the same way we do not force a trade before its time, we will not force a release of the software before it meets our standards. In other words, the standards dictate the release date – not a date on the calendar. If you have learned anything from Apiary related to when we place trades, you can understand this concept. We wait for the trade to come to us. Likewise, we will exercise patience and wait for the software to come to us – when it’s ready and when it has the best chance of hitting our performance goals.

Our hope would be to release the first stage of the software mid third quarter.

3. We will scale into the release of the software. It’s another trading analogy. In the same way we scale into a trade setup by applying small amounts of our overall position, we will scale into the software in following stages:

a. Stage 1. Analysis functionality
b. Stage 2. Paper trading functionality
c. Stage 3. Live account functionality

Depending on the feedback we receive from you and the overall experience of each stage in the staged rollout, the rollout may be fast or slow.

Our hope would be no more than a month or two between stages.

4. Expect a bug or two. Inevitably, when we release the software there will be some bugs. And despite all the time we put into testing it, I am as certain that we will release it with bugs as I am certain that I will take a loss on at least one of my trades on Thursday morning! Sad but true fact. For this reason, the success of the software will depend on your feedback. In trading some of the best lessons are learned on the fly… With the software we will also learn on the fly and make adjustments quickly!

5. Finally, we want to keep our superstar technology team motivated with positive chatter. The project is huge. The hours are overwhelming. The complexity is unimaginable. The requests are unrelenting. Many of us might cave to the pressure of such an enormous project, but not our team! They are incredible. As I have worked with them, I have experienced a group of people that are talented, motivated and engaged. Even with that, they say the last 20% of a project is the hardest, and we are in those final hours! So if you could join me in offering some words of encouragement and motivation, please share your thoughts in the comment field below:

I cannot express how excited we are in anticipation of the new platform. It is an exciting and promising development for our little company. We have bucked the odds at every turn of our existence and to think that a little David of a company is able to whip a Goliath of a project gives us great hope in our future! You’re going to love what we’ve built and we can’t wait to show you… but only at the right time and in the right way! Stay tuned!

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