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Second Trade Setup of The Week

Second trade of the week (Oct 27th, 2013 – Nov 1st, 2013)

Cycle 5 setup on demo account.



Price entry: 134.894 (Oct 29, 2013 12:47pm)

S/L: 134.554

Break even: 135.207

Target: 1 Range at 135.234

Placed trade on real account



Price entry: 134.897(Oct 29, 2013 12:47pm)

S/L: 134.897

Target: 1ATR at 135.01136 and 1 range 135.23700




EURJPY Result2

Close part at 1 range (Oct 30, 2013, 13:02pm): 34 pips

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First Trade Setup of The Week

First setup trade of this week (Oct 27th, 2013 – Nov 1st, 2013)

There was a cycle 5 setup on demo account.



Price entry: 157.293 (Oct 29, 2013 11:32 am)

S/L: 156.953

Break even: 157.607

Target: 1 Range at 157.633



Placed trade on real account



Price entry: 157.280 (Oct 29, 2013 11:32 am)

S/L: 156.953

Target: 1ATR at 134.99529 (Red line) and 1 range 135.23700 (blue line)



GBPJPY Result1


Close part 2nd profit at 1 range (Oct 30th, 2013 00:03am): 34 pips.

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Time is ticking and now is time we meet again in Apiary Summit. Many changes occurred after the last Summit on September 2013. Apiary Fund Investment recognizes by receiving “Emerging Elite Companies 2013” on October 22’nd, 2013. A hard achievement considers global economic crisis still not recover yet.

They’re always different event occur in every Apiary Summit. Why? On second and third day during the Summit, we will learn trading live from the market. Nobody can know how the market is going to react, it’s not an arranged event. Apiary’s traders will demonstrate their skill to overcome the forex market waves and show how they make their living from forex trading. All in live event, no prepared scenario except trading skill. From here the audience can see how professional traders react during loss, win, or caught in the trading positions. Forex trading is simple, overcome the emotion and psychology is the hardest part during trading.

Summit is a chance to exchange skill and meet face-to-face with others. Getting to know better each other. The internet is a great medium to ‘meet’, but still meet ‘on the ground’ is important to see and feel others personality. I know few people name from the webinar, but when I met these people personally, I just know how great they are. Personally I just attend the Summit one time, but during that event I learn more then what I learn on the webinar. I know my friends better than before and getting closer to them. My thanks to Shawn Lucas to hold this events so between associates can gain their goal faster with the right way. Apiary won’t grow if their associates are not growing; as simple as a bee hive grow.

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Apiary Fund Receives 2013 Emerging Elite Award

The Apiary Fund received the 2013 Emerging Elite award from the Mountain West Capital Network this week at a meal and awards ceremony held at the five star Grand America hotel.

Receiving the Emerging Elite award throughout a recessionary market is not an easy achievement. Established in February 2011, the 2 ½ year old company received the award in 2013. It took hard work and a solid basic business concept. The Apiary Fund grows if their clients grow. Not only does the company sell a forex education program, but the Fund also trains its associates extensively to become qualified associates to trade the company’s money. Hence, those who learn Forex trading with the Apiary Fund, don’t need to risk their own hard-earned money in the market. Once they show consistent and positive results, they are qualified to be funded.

By learning how to trade, members of the Apiary Fund can rely on themselves to generate income. They can be their own boss, independent, controlling their own time.

In the Apiary Fund, associates learn multiple trading strategies, market analysis, indicators, trading psychology etc. The company provides education for people with different backgrounds. In fact, no previous market knowledge or experience is required. Our Trader Support team is ready to assist any questions, whether they be basic or advanced. This is possible because they are traders themselves, so they’re passing on their own experiences.

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Loss is part of trading. Nothing is bad by having loss trades. What trader needs to do is how to manage trades so win ratio higher then loss by building a ‘good’ system that can provide consistent profit. There are couple things need to be considered to make consistent profit.

First, finding a good trading system. There are lots of trading strategy out there. It is traders’ main job to find one or more strategy(ies) that suits trader’s psychology and life style. Then, learn the upside and downside of the chosen system, technical analysis, market behavior etc, until traders can implement all knowledge related to the system to form and sharpen their own trading style. Keep practicing on the system. Practice makes perfect.

Next, trader needs to set trading rules. Then, they have to understand and follow the rules that they have set. It is important as if an unexpected event occurs, trader can execute the trade without the influence of emotion and avoid mistake. Most of the time, loss is the result of poor market conditions or a wrong decision because of fear or greed. A good trader has to follow trading plan, so the market can not dictate the trader’s decision during trade.

Then, money management. Trader needs to find their own comfortable percent risk, a percent level where trader feels okay either they loss or profit. It should be balance with the hours they spend on trading.

To find one good trading system that brings cash flow takes lots of time and huge effort. It is important to really understand that this is a learning process that needs time, not an instant way of making money. If one system fails, then do research and find another system, so on and so forth.

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Sizing is very important in Forex trading. Sizing determines lot size for one open trade position. Each open trade position can have different lot size. In Forex trading, trading unit known as ‘lot’. ‘Lot’ represents the minimum quantity of currency that may be traded. ‘Lot’ determines how much money the trader puts in one trade position. One lot size equals to certain dollar amount. It has correlation with forex account type.

The main goal of sizing is to protect capital. Trader must realize that not all trades are profitable. There will be losses in some trades. With right sizing, traders minimize/control their losses. Trading with right lots size is important for increasing profits, reducing losses, controlling risks during the trade (sell-part profit or loss), etc. For beginner, as a rule of thumb, the smaller the lot size, the better. The reason is, with small lot size, trading risk will be smaller too and it will provide more room to trade other pairs.

General formula to size (a standard account) is [Account balance * (% risk)] = Dollar value of risk. Next, take the range number and times it by ten. This equals the average risk in dollars. The size of the trade = Dollar value of risk /average risk in dollars.

Lets see the example:

The account balance is $1000, trader want to risk 1% of it. So, [$1000 * 1%] = $10.

Next, the market range is 87.2 pips. Then 87.2 *10 = $872

The lot size will be : $10/$872 = 0.01

To understand more about sizing, please check

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Air… so what is the correlation between air and trading? It’s very correlated. Trader is a human being, and human needs air. Unless the trader is an EA (Expert Advisor that does automated trade) that doesn’t need air, then air is a basic necessity for most creatures.

Traders spend most of their time indoor. Hence, air quality is crucial but often neglected, until trader feels sick. Living in bad air condition can give a bad impact to your health. Pollen, dust, mold, bacteria, pet dander may lead to allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. Moreover, bad air condition can worse condition for those with allergies.

Thanks to Mother Nature, it is easy to get fresh air, just learn from the nature. In NASA research, they found that several indoor plants can do a lot of ‘cleaning’ to improve air quality inside our house / room.(

I personally grow sansevieria (known as snake – plant or mother – in – law’s tongue). I chose this plant because it’s easy to maintain, absorbs a lot of toxins, produces oxygen even during night time, needs little space, can grow to several sizes, and easy to breed. Because snake-plant grows in slow rate, it gives me ample time to produce my own vermicompost, so I can save money on fertilizer.

Snake-plant is very easy to maintain. It’s a very tolerant plant. Event though you neglect it, it still can survive. It requires warm – hot temperature, indirect light, little water. If you want to breed it, just cut the leaf into small pieces (about 2 inch length) and put it on the soil. Please note, that the bottom side of the leaf has to be placed in the soil, don’t put it up-side-down. Soil has to be dry to moist. Do not over watering the soil, otherwise, the root will rot.

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