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Top 3 Features Apiary Offers for Free

We at the Apiary Fund are very proud of the great products we’ve created to help our traders succeed. So proud, in fact, that we have offer some of them to the public for free! In this blog post, we’ve listed our top three free features:

1. The Investor Profile
The Investor Profile is a personality assessment we launched last year to help traders recognize character traits in themselves that will affect how they trade. Because every trader is different, identifying and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is crucial to finding success in the markets. How can you play to your strengths if you don’t know them?

2. The Sessions Clock
The sessions clock is a tool the Apiary Fund developed to help traders keep time. Because the forex market is a 24-hour market, there is always at least one market open. Knowing when each market opens and closes will help you avoid any unexpected jumps in volatility. So, whether you’re on the road or just experimenting with trading at different times of the day, the sessions clock can help you keep things straight!

3. The Trader Development Preview
The Trader Development Program is Apiary’s training curriculum, developed to help our traders learn the ins and outs of the market in the most effective way. As a preview, The Apiary Fund offers the first course to the public for free! Just enter your name and email on the Apiary Fund’s homepage!

While we do offer some great features free of cost, we don’t just put our best stuff in the window. We have a wealth of knowledge and resources to help make Apiary Fund traders successful!

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3 Ways to Full Utilize Apiary’s Trading Education

For new traders, we at the Apiary Fund understand there’s a lot to take in. So much, in fact, that you may find yourself initially disoriented, need direction. Allow me to stress the top three ways you can start taking advantage of the Apiary Fund’s trading education resources:

1. Follow the Curriculum

We at the Apiary Fund have put a lot of time and effort into making a highly-structured education curriculum. So it always surprises me to hear when people don’t take full advantage of it. Because people learn at their own pace and in their own way, we’ve designed the courses to keep our students engaged! Some sections will be presented as ebooks, and others as video clips and modules. Throw in some accountability in the form of quizzes and you’ve got a very valuable resource at your fingertips. Don’t waste any of it!

2. Attend Live Classes & Discussions

While the live classes and discussions are offered as a purely supplementary resource for your trading education, I’d be lying if I said they weren’t one of the most beneficial aspects of your trading education. There are usually at least a couple discussions and classes per day, all at various levels of difficulty. There are two common mistakes I have observed in regard to the live trainings, though:

  • You should not feel obligated to attend ALL of them. Remember, these are supplementary to the core Trader Development curriculum, so burn yourself out by thinking you need to be at every live event!
  •  Be honest with yourself about your experience level. If you’ve only been trading for three weeks, you probably shouldn’t attend live classes rated Hard. You’re not going to do anybody any good by going to a class that’s completely over your head.

3. Trade!

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want to swim in the deep end someday, you’re going to have to jump in the pool sooner or later. So you might as well get started now! If you’re new to trading, don’t worry–we’ve got your back! We know that the first couple months are usually rough, so our risk managers won’t hold it against you when it comes time to talk about funded accounts. But the risk managers will want to see that you’ve made lots of trades, so use what you’re learning in the trading education and start trading!

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Tips for Managing Position Size

Large position sizeAt the heart of money management is the decision of increasing or decreasing your investment. To illustrate this, imagine you own a store that sells athletic equipment. Because no sport lasts all year, you’d find yourself changing your floor inventory based on which sports are approaching, which are in full swing, and which are ending soon.

When it comes to changing position size, the rule is to increase your position size during favorable market conditions for your product. In your store, you’d have more football equipment on the sales floor during the fall when you know conditions are favorable for that sport. The other side of this rule is to decrease position size during unfavorable conditions. As football season winds down and basketball season begins, the products in your store would decrease inventory to reflect the new season.

Small position sizeFortunately, in the market there are two seasons: highly predictive and less predictive. You’ll want to increase your position size in highly predictive conditions and decrease your position size in less predictive conditions. Controlling your investment size is key to keeping your losses to a minimum. This, in combination with other elements of money management as emphasized by the Apiary Investment Fund, will ultimately lead to profitable trading!

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Time is Money: Discipline and Accountability

One problem new traders frequently face is the issue of time. With other responsibilities and obligations scrambling for their place in the schedule, traders often feel overwhelmed at the thought of devoting time to a new venture. But never fear!

We at the Apiary Fund are here to debunk two myths—First, that you don’t have enough time, and second, that trading requires too much time. As far as a lack of time goes, we’re all given the same 24 hours per day.

How those 24 hours are spent is up to you! Any opportunity to improve your lifestyle will require some time and effort, so here’s a question to ask yourself: Are you willing to put in that time? Are you wasting your time, or investing your time wisely?

Don’t get us wrong—we would never say that a person should spend every waking moment at work. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Besides, a lack of time usually isn’t the real problem.

It is, however, indicative of the problem: a lack of focus and discipline. But this is nothing new to us at the Apiary Fund! Whether it’s risk management or time management, we stress discipline in trading! Many of our traders are part of the Trading Partners program, in which an experienced trader and a not-so-experienced trader work together. This program is very successful due to the fact that discipline and accountability often walk hand in hand. Improvement drastically increases when you set and report goals with another person! Further in this vein, the Apiary Fund is currently designing a new Trading Groups program to promote discipline, mutual support, and accountability.

This concept is by no means new. In fact, you probably already know about it! Most of us have trouble setting aside time for regular exercise, but when you commit to go to the gym with a friend, or a group of friends, you’re much more likely to go! At the Apiary Fund we believe that if you make your trading not only a commitment to yourself, but also to others, you’re that much more likely to succeed! If you’d like to learn more about the Apiary Fund’s Trading Partners program, feel free to give us a call at 1-801-701-1650 or email us.

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